Benefit from access
to your own online
finance centre

As a valued client of Trinity Lifetime Partners you have access to a secure online Portal. The award winning platform showcases your portfolio of financial products.

We will work with you to build your online portfolio, aggregating all your financial information so you can easily review your financial standing at any time.

At the touch of a button

This allows you to navigate the financial landscape with new confidence and clarity. What’s more, it can help you stay in touch via SMS, email or Skype video chat with us, your advisers. It can also aid planning for the future and keep your data secure yet within reach, via safe, accessible cloud storage. Each client has a unique login to give an extra layer of security.

Wealth Projector

The Wealth Projector uses all the information provided in your portfolio to determine how your financial situation will mature until your retirement and beyond. You can ‘Change these Assumptions’ and even ‘Add Life Events’.


Your portal provides a safe and secure personal document locker, where you can store and lock away, receive or even share documents with your adviser. The ‘Documents’ section is where you receive and can indefinitely store files in a safe and secure environment. Sharing with your adviser couldn’t be easier and more secure.

Clients who use their Portal account at least once a month0%


Portfolio allows you to add your financial products into your portal. You can add, amend or remove portfolio items and you may wish to share this information with your adviser. The more up to date and accurate information your adviser has, the better qualified and more informed advice you will receive. Your adviser can also send updates and new product information ensuring that your portfolio truly reflects your financial situation and keeps you in control of your data.

Messaging Centre

You can contact your adviser at the push of a button. Your portal provides a number of tools such as the Messaging Centre where you can contact your adviser using Email, Skype or request a phone call at a time that is convenient for you.

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