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Trinity Insight July/August 2022

Welcome to our latest edition.

It’s not surprising that the world of investing can seem complex, especially in the current global economic climate. Investors face an endless supply of market news, many investment choices and often-changing market conditions. There are a number of key principles that every investor should follow and we examine a few of them in this edition.

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Trinity Insight May/June 2022

This edition of the Trinity Insight looks at some of the factors that influence someone's decision to retire, the steps they take to embrace that change and the costs/benefits of doing so. We also examine the changes in tax that took effect at the start of the 2022/23 year and what you need to be aware of.

This edition also covers topics such as leaving wealth to the next generation, the increasing risk of being scammed, changes to divorce laws and the gender pay gap.

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Trinity Insight March/April 2022

In this edition of Trinity Insight we look at various areas but specifically why now is the time to protect your wealth. The word 'inflation' had barely featured in the market's vocabulary in the last three decades until it suddenly started to come back with a vengeance in 2021. 

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Trinity Insight January/February 2022

Improve Your Financial Life - Setting a financial New Year's resolution you'll actually keep.

Be ISA Deadline Ready - Time to give your financial future a boost.

Social Care Reform - What the Government proposals mean for the social care system.

Beyond Profit - How green is your pension?

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Trinity Insight January/February 2021

New Year New Start to Your Finances – Taking time to understand your financial plans will really pay off.

Healthy Financial Habits You Shouldn’t Ignore – How to get your finances in order to make more of your money.

Taxing Times on the Horizon – Are you protected against future Capital Gains Tax rises?

Don’t Miss the ISA Deadline – Saving and investing for a future that matters.

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Trinity Insight November/December 2020

Festive Financial Gifts – Deciding on the right investments for the children in your life.

State Pension Age Rises – How could the change impact on your retirement plans?

Financial Action Plan – 10 steps to help you build a better financial future.

The Critical Factor – Life-changing cover, for life-changing events.

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Trinity Insight – September/October 2020

Delaying Retirement – Pandemic forcing a widespread rethink of retirement plans.

Take It To The Max – How to make the most of the various pension allowances.

Leaving A Family Legacy – The impact of Coronavirus on Will making.

No Desire To Retire – Why working and retirement are no longer binary terms.

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Trinity Insight – July/August 2020

Thinking Ahead – How our retirement may change in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Retirement Matters – Staying invested and giving your money the greatest chance to grow.

Preserving Your Wealth – Developing a clear plan for your wealth and property.

Building A Strategy: Preparing ourselves for life to be strange for some time.

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Trinity Insight – May/June 2020

Covid-19 Effects on Retirement Planning – Remember that pension savings are for the long term.

How secure is the Future of Your Family or Business – The importance of protecting the things that really matter to you.

Focus on Long-Term Horizons – Time in the market not timing in the market.

Coronavirus Impact on Global Economy – It is more important than ever to stay on course.

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Trinity Insight – March/April 2020

Tips for Good Tax Planning – What should I consider before the end of this tax year?

Portfolio Diversification – Combine a variety of assets to reduce the overall risk of an investment portfolio.

Retirement Options – £19m released each day since pension freedoms launched.

Planning for Tomorrow – Will my retirement income be enough to live on comfortably?

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Trinity Insight – January/February 2020

Financial Resolutions – Most of us have probably made at least one New Year’s resolution, but how many of us will actually go on to achieve it?

Pension Freedoms – The introduction of pension freedoms had brought about fundamental changes to the way we can access our pension savings.

Retiring Abroad – Prior planning can make the dream of retiring abroad become a reality without worrying about your finances.

Estate Planning – Preserving your wealth and transferring it effectively. Ensure your assets are given to the people you care about.

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Trinity Insight – November/December 2019

The art of patience? – In the era of the 24-hour news cycle and the tendency to prioritise negative news, how do you avoid knee-jerk investment decisions?

For richer, for poorer – Divorce can bring both emotional and financial upheaval with so many things to consider, including pensions and asset advice

Pension age equalisation – Since 2010 the state pension age for women has steadily increased and continues to. Government is now aiming to equalise this

Money lessons for children – Understanding how money works is an essential skill, one that is frequently learned too late. Here are 5 basic lessons to begin with.

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Trinity Insight – September/October 2019

Not ready to retire? – Some still relish the daily routine, others work for financial reasons but it still pays to plan to retirement.

Spotting a scammer – How to spot the warning signs and avoid scammers enjoying your hard-earned pension proceeds.

Retirement resilience – As life expectancy grows, retirements are likely to last longer. How do you get control over your pension pot?

Financial support – Illness or injury can strike at any time. Have you planned how you’ll pay the bills if you can’t work suddenly?

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Trinity Insight – May/June 2019

New Tax Year – As always, there will be some winners and some losers. We examine the key changes you need to know.

Diversity – Time, patience and informed decisions are the bedrock of building a diverse portfolio that ensures your money works for you.

Tracing a lost pension – Nearly two thirds of UK savers have more than one pension and keeping track of them can be tricky.

Silence isn’t golden – Are you having the ‘When I’m gone…’ conversation and if not, how do you broach such a taboo subject?

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Trinity Insight – January/February 2019

Plan, Prepare – New Year’s resolutions have been made but is planning your tax affairs one of them?

Exploring ISA options – The end of the tax year will be here before we know it. Have you made the most of your annual allowances?

For the life you want – Building your nest egg is more discipline than difficult. Have you started planning yours?

Keeping it in the family – Careful planning can reduce or even eliminate the Inheritance Tax payable. Have you considered your options?

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